Netrani island dive trips


Netrani has been closed for the past 2 years. we are not allowed to dive there anymore. 

Murudeshwar is the point of departure for the 1 hour boat trip to Pigeon Island(aka Netrani Island).

Clients are collected from their hotels in Goa and brought here by road for an overnight stay at the RNS Residency. The temple at Murudeshwar is dedicated to Lord Shiva, and along with the impressive statue,  makes this town a popular destination with Hindu pilgrims and sightseers alike.

Pigeon or Netrani Island: Offers unspolit dive sites between 6 and 30 metres deep and excellent visibility up to 30 metres. The marine life is more abundant and varied to that found on our local dive sites. A variety of turtles, sharks, rays, tuna and large barracuda are regularly seen around the island. Pigeon Island is the underwater photographer’s paradise. The island is loated 85 kilometres south of Bogmalo and is dived as an overnight excursion.

4 dives(1 night) – 17,000/-
7 dives(2 nights) – 21,500/-
Open Water Course  with 1 night – 24,000/
Advanced Course with 1 night – 19,000/-

Packages are inclusive of transport ( Goa to Goa),food,lodging,boat charges and dives.


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