Located more or less in the centre of Goa next to the airport. Goa Diving operates from cozy Bogmalo Beach which is ideally situated 10 minutes from Dabolim Airport. Also situated next to Bogmalo beach is Grande Island where we conduct our Scuba diving which is only a 10 min boat ride away.

The village of Bogmalo offers 1 to 5 star accommodation and a wide range of guest houses.

There are a number of restaurants on the beach offering a variety of Goan, Indian and European cuisine at reasonable prices.

Come see us at our  Bogmalo training centre.

Goa Diving,

Bimtan, Bogmalo beach


403 806,

vasco, Goa

Telephone: Mobile: +91 9049442647

Bogmalo Beach Office: +91 8390862942

Email: contactus@goadiving.com, garyjarman@gmail.com

Direct contact : Gary Jarman
Mobile: +91 9049442647